Our aim is to achieve an inspiring balance between national and international dancers, couples and singles, "frequent-travellers" and "newcomers", who are devoted to the Tango spirit. Registration is mandatory!

The Maracuentro fee are 125 EUR (150 CHF):

  • 3 days full of tango, over 30 hours dancing

And we offer for you free:

  • 2 brunches, 1 light dinner on Friday, 1 dinner on Saturday, 2 midnight soups
  • coffee, tea and water
  • fresh fruit, snacks and cakes


Please understand that the registration criteria are much complexer than the precise moment of your registration. We need to consider a lot of parameters to get a good mix of people and balance at the marathon!




  • no refunds
  • no tickets for single milongas (except After-Party Milonga on Sunday)
  • who would like to help us (3 times for 2-3 hours), we will refund the Maracuentro fee
  • 30 CHF reduction for who will host our DJs in Bern



Registration Process

After registering during 14 days, you will receive a email with information. Please take in mind that your participation will not be confirmed until we have received payment in full.



Click here to apply!