Our aim is to achieve an inspiring balance between national and international dancers, couples and singles,

"frequent-travellers" and "newcomers", who are devoted to the Tango spirit. Registration is mandatory!


The Maracuentro fee is 165 CHF (145 EUR):

  • 3 days full of tango

And we offer for you all for free:

  • 2 brunches; 1 light dinner on Friday; 1 dinner on Saturday; 2 midnight soups
  • fresh fruit; snacks and cakes
  • alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks

Please understand that the registration criteria are much more complexer than the precise moment of your registration. We need to consider a lot of parameters to get a good mix of people and balance at the marathon!

Important about Coronavirus situation:

We are attentively following the situation about Coronavirus and would like to share with you our updates relative to Maracuentro editions. 

We keep a hope, that this state of affairs very soon will change for the better and we will be able to organize an this Maracuentro for you! Therefore we had decided to continue registrations for all editions. In case, if the situation will not allow us to have a safe and happy event, where we can to hug each other without a fear and feel us well and safe, we will refund to all registered participants them fees.


  • no refunds (except we cancel the event about Corona pandemie)
  • no tickets for single milongas (except Pre & After-Party Milonga)
  • for those who would like to help us (3 times for 3 hours), we will refund the Maracuentro fee
  • 30 EUR reduction for those who will host our DJs in Berlin

Registration Process

Fill in all fieldss. After having pushed the "Send" button, you will see the status of registration in the same window. Within the next 14 days, you will receive an email with information. Please, keep in mind that your participation is not confirmed until your full payment has been received.

Click here to apply!