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                Maracuentro - with Love!                   

For the first time Maracuentro goes to Berlin! Therefore we plan a special edition in a great historical venue in the middle of forest in Berlin-Spandau.
This time we will organize again from 30th of August until 1st of September 2019 for you..


100 % Vinyl and Aperol

VinyRol Berlin edition late Summer 2019


We welcome you at the 16th Maracuentro with Tango-friends from near and far who love dancing to traditional Tango music in an attentive and social way. This time will wait for you in Berlin:

  • 3 days full of tango
  • excellent and international Vinyl DJs
  • beautiful venue with over 400 qm wooden floor and over 900 qm spaces
  • 100% role balance
  • all free: 2 brunches; 1 light dinner on Friday; 1 dinner on Saturday; 2 midnight soups; snacks and cakes; fresh fruit; alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks
  • hotel nearby Maracuentro venue, distance only 300 m
  • a beautiful and friendly Berlin in late Summer
  • warm hugs and sweet memories in family atmosphere

Maracuentro is Marathon with some Encuentro rules.

The idea underlying this event is quite simple: to create a friendly environment among people coming from all over the world who share the same philosophy of Tango dancing:

  • being open to new and unknown dancers
  • invitation by mirada and cabeceo
  • establishing eye contact with the leader in the proximity before entering the ronda
  • dancing in the ronda
  • dancing carefully in the space respecting other couples
  • few and cautious Boleos and/or Ganchos