Maracuentro is a tango Marathon with some rules of Encuentro.

Our aim is to create a friendly and family atmosphered tango marathon for good & social dancers, where we all can share our love and passion to Tango with our embraces, beautiful and also funny moments dancing together, nice conversations, taking care about each other, happiness to be together!

It would be very pleasant to all, when the Tango-Codex would be observed to:

− invitation by mirada and cabeceo

− establishing eye contact with the leader in the proximity before entering the ronda

− dancing in the ronda

− dancing carefully in the space respecting other couples

− few and cautious Boleos and/or Ganchos

− being open to new and unknown dancers, therefore, it would be nice after one Tanda to change the dance-partner

Be our guest!
Come and enjoy our hospitality and well organized tango marathon with great vinyl DJs!

Lets get a Maracuentro together soon!

We are "Oxia", Oxana & Sia. Our life is turning completly "in" and "around" tango!

We are founders, owners and organizers of "Maracuentro - tango marathon with Love!" in different cities; Milonga Mariposa and Mi Amor; tango DJs and tango teachers. Sia is a "great power" and Oxana is a "beauty maker" at Maracuentros. In everything what we do (and what we cook for you) - we put our heart and soul. With a great pleasure we will share with you our tango passion!

Come, feel you like at home and enjoy a nice event together with us!

Be our guest, and enjoy the beautiful moments by Maracuentro - with Love!